Ideas I Forgot

by Crosses

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baixe de boa rapeize


released August 8, 2012

BTMI, Deigas, my mom.




Crosses Brazil

Do you like tamale? Warm tamale?

I like Hot Tamale!

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Track Name: About Millenium Falcons and Scarface References
I tried to write this in the punkest way I can
To help me to breakdown this broadcast without the cliche lines we cannot stand
'Cause i hear you must be sick of pretty words in empty tracks
Promise you'll try my best

I won't talk about your smile, won't talk about your freckles, won't talk about how long I tried to tell you this
I won't talk about your eyes, talk about your laughter, talk about how you make my heart beat faster

It's hard to speak your heart out the way that gringo does
So i guess i'm stuck to being a romantic buzz
Like Ani on his way to a galactic training, for years to be away from his childhood lady
Guess i'm faded to cliche, so let me make my final stand like Scarface and his little friend

I'm not trying to be rude, but flying Solo on a Millenium Falcon without a port is just cruel
I'm not trying to be cute, but if loose lips can sink ships, then I just wanna sink with you.
Track Name: Rolling Boxes
Last night we said out last goodbyes holding hands like we should have done all this year
Avoiding words like "miss you" and "i wish you knew", just trying to look so damn cool

(It's getting hard)
To turn my back on everyone i knew
(It's getting sad)
To clean my drawers finding shit i've left there
(It's getting weird)
To see old pictures and trying to go back

Moving out sucks

When nothing gets you so down
And all your luck is wrecked on the ground
The only thing that's left to do is
Start again somehow

(It keeps getting harder)
To feel like this is not a random act
(It keeps getting sadder)
of treason to everything we've shared and what we've said
(Doesn't gets better)
in a web of sorrows and regrets

(Don't wait on me)
Track Name: Lines
Made your lines, black on white - Now so smooth
Drew your sadness, I know it is naive - Hope you like it

She finally left you, now you're chained up to me
And I am sorry I haven't told you before
It's because through unwalkable paths
I've named myself, without consulting you

- I'm your loneliness.
Track Name: Country (Deigas Cover)
Stay close to me where no one can find us
So we can get married and live on our own house
Spend the days lying on the grass
Spend the nights drinking wine and writting love songs

In a country house, in the middle of nowhere

We're gonna buy you a banjo and i'm gonna change the strings of my guitar
We'll sit alone, playing Creedence and Tom Waits's songs
Until we no longer exist

And be forever as one, I promise you I'll never be far from you
No matter what happens you'll always be my life.
Track Name: Cold Chillin' Cold Chillin' (BTMI Cover)
Cold face, cold legs.
Walk three blocks and pay two bucks.
One bold sign:
Interference on the line,
waiting twenty minutes time every time.

Transfer at Bedford,
twenty more Manhattan bound,
ten billion kids.
I am happy with my flaws.
I am happier when no one is around.

And everybody looks around
to blame our Brooklyn burning down
on white kids, hipsters, students
but we act like we're not one of them.
It's easy. Just use your eyes
to judge and go back to your powder drugs.

But I'm no better.
Smile while pushing through the crowd,
"A round for friends."
Find a corner at the bar.
Aberrations in a real confusing town.