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Last night we said out last goodbyes holding hands like we should have done all this year
Avoiding words like "miss you" and "i wish you knew", just trying to look so damn cool

(It's getting hard)
To turn my back on everyone i knew
(It's getting sad)
To clean my drawers finding shit i've left there
(It's getting weird)
To see old pictures and trying to go back

Moving out sucks

When nothing gets you so down
And all your luck is wrecked on the ground
The only thing that's left to do is
Start again somehow

(It keeps getting harder)
To feel like this is not a random act
(It keeps getting weirder)
of treason to everything we've shared and what we've said
(Doesn't gets better)
in a web of sorrows and regrets

(Don't wait on me)

Triangulo usado unicamente aos 0:28 por Celso Toledo.


from 5 songs that pretty much sum up the past year of my life, released January 6, 2013
Triangulo usado unicamente aos 0:28 por Celso Toledo.




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