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Dom Bertrand incident and a lot more.


Been scouting around in a sea full of broken thoughts
To find me a gap just for reason to sneak in
Revolutionary chants being cried outloud
By voices and lungs that have no meaning

And i sit alone all recluded in my bedroom floor
Staring at writtings scattered on my bedroom walls
And a killing headache pounding up and down again
Sharing the space in my mind with all my

Memories, of the places and people i'm forced to live
And the excrutiating lack of any fuck to give
As the days come and go in my mysery
It seems to be the only thing that

Keeps me awake when i try to sleep at night
Filling my head with unthought pages
I'm tired of getting up at 7 with no second slept
To finally meet the same old faces

And everyone thinks i'm just going through a phase
When in fact i'm closer to a nervous breakdown
Videogames and movies aren't working anymore
To keep my mind from thinking

I should split from here
Find a place for myself where people just let me be
Taking care of things my own way or just fuck this shit
To a point where is inevitable for me to leave
Taking with me only the things i've learned that

Sum up
As the amount of trust that i should give to
That don't when to bulk up or to
Shut up
With rethoricals to cover all his

Maybe the
Best for me
Is to let it be
But there's a part of me that
Just wants to be free.





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